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StackLabs Training Centre

StackLabs Centre of Excellence is one of the divisions of XenonStack - A Stack Innovator. We are more focused on providing exciting and innovative trainings to the students on Big Data, Data Science, IoT, DevOps,Cloud Computing and Data Visualisation. The programs you see drive expertise in a curated suite of technologies and applied concepts, each selected for their workplace utility and relevance to solving the world’s most important problems.

You’ll learn about something new, then immediately reinforce that knowledge by using it to build and test live projects with real companies. Each lesson builds up to the next enabling you to create a strong foundation of confidence and skills moving forward. And as you grow into an incredible problem solver with a robust technical and professional mastery, you’ll become more ambitious with your goals.

When you look for support, you’ll always see one of us waiting to lend our time, our expertise, our friendship. And as time progresses, you’ll realize five years later, ten years later, and for the rest of your life that we will continue to be there.

We are not a bootcamp. We are a community. We value entrepreneurial attitude and a result oriented approach. Above all, we are also passionate and sincere about improving the education scenario in India and the World. Technology and Skills required for getting a job is growing at a tremendous speed and is a challenging task to keep pace with it.


Foundation is the key to get new skills.


Fundamentals of Training involves the strong foundation built on Design thinking,algorithms, analytics & how to solve the problem to catalyze a long & productive career.


Immersive Training Program focused on knowledge driven, intensive practical & task based curriculum to learn Cloud Computing , BigData, Data Science, & Internet of Things.

Best Practises and Tools

Stack Data Labs Training Course features emphasis on adopting the best Practices and Tools for developing innovative & imaging ways to solve the problems.

Engineering Empathy

The ability to experience empathy,understand others views, beginners mindset and willingness to internalize the feedback are few practices important to the students to learn along the Professional Skills.

FDP Training Program


BigData with Java

You will learn skills related to BigData Overview, BigData Landscape, Need of BigData ,Hadoop , Apache Spark and JVM based Programming -Java & Scala.

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Hadoop Administration

You will learn skills related to hadoop administration,Multi-node deployment ,Cluster administration , automation of Hadoop Clusters,MapReduce programming,Hive and Pig.

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Data Engineering

You will learn skills about planning,designing the BigData solutions,Hadoop Architect ,Data Integration , ETL Deployment , Lambda architecture and Data Pipeline and Data warehousing.

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Center For Excellence : AI For Colleges and Universities

Empathy Curriculum to create Learning mindset and environment for Human side of Software Development

Training Programs For Professionals

Training Courses In BigData, Cloud, Data Science, DevOps, Business Intelligence & Data Visualization.

Deep Learning And AI Experiment Platform

StackLabs bringing Data and AI together for experiments and reduces time.